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Direct Access

FREE Wi-Fi | Same-Day Appointments | We speak Filipino, Hindi, and Spanish.

Get Direct Access to Our Therapy

Direct access allows patients to seek physical therapy services by eliminating physician referrals and unnecessary diagnostic tests.


In the state of New York, patients can be seen by a physical therapist with at least 3 years of practical experience without a physician referral.

Dr. Othilia J-Ceribo, PT, DPT, our physical therapist and the owner of the practice, has over 15 years of physical therapy experience and can see patients in the absence of a referral. In some cases, a few insurance companies require a referral from your primary physician for any physical therapy. In addition, patients with Medicare insurance can be seen for 10 treatment sessions or up to 30 calendar days (whichever comes sooner) before needing to see your physician. Call Rehab Focus Physical Therapy for an appointment and see if we may need to help you with a referral.


Physical therapists are regulated by the state of New York and are highly trained healthcare professionals. Our PTs are highly qualified guided by evidence-based practice who participate in continuing education to be able to assess, evaluate and screen the patient's condition using the most up-to-date methods.


Walk-ins are welcome!

For physical therapy,

visit us at

86-35 Queens Blvd,

Ste 1B

Coffee, drinks, and snacks will be provided.

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