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I've been a patient here for a few years and they are experts in the best treatments for your rehabilitation and pain. The whole staff is great; they are compationate, and very nice and professional. Whenever I get treated for my knees and back pain by Othilia, my physical therapist, I leave her office pain-free and feeling brand new. I highly recommend this place!

Elsa CC

About my experience with Rehab Focus as patient. I find Rehab Focus a positive workout atmosphere than a place for very sick people. Dr.Othilia J. Ceribo, PT, OPT. and Lairen Mohran are both Board NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. The entire staff is dedicated to providing the best service and care to every patient, see how they recognize the unique needs of the patients as individuals. They are amazing.

Its just once in wk na treat, you have given us a lifetime relief tho...small gestures of appreciation lang...u r very welcome! Your strength and positive vibes gives an enormous energy and power even to the smallest bit of cells in your patients wellness. You are gifted and born to this field. God bless!! Thats for your spirit, You need strength!! You better eat. And for the Rehab Focus staff, you are all meant to be, a group with goal and all of you are working smoothly and all attentive to patients need. There is no dull moment visiting your facility, its very worthwhile and time satisfying knowing after treatment/appt. you will feel much much better. And looking forward for the next appt.

I had an ulnar fracture last feb 2020, Rehab focus made the impossible possible. Despite having virtual therapy due to the pandemic, Ms.Ethel definitely made it a point to assist me with my exercises. With personalized care, I was able to overcome my fears and got my strength back. I will always be grateful to Ms.Ethel and all the staff of rehab focus for my speedy recovery.

I find staff and therapists are very helpful environment is friendly in rehab focus therapy. I visit here for my shoulder and wrist pain. Now I can move my shoulder better than before. I am very thankful to the all staff of rehab focus therapy. I recommend rehab focus on those in need.

My experience has been awesome!! My physical therapist is very caring, patient and knowledgeable. No wait at all! Kind and compassionate staff from the Physical Therapist to the front desk. Highly recommended!!

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